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Email From Mr Gordon Powell

November 29th, 2011

After posting my last blog about Mr Gordon Powell buying my personal name as a web address and advertising his business on it, I received the below email from Mr. Gordy Powell.


— On Wed, 10/26/11, Gordy Powell Georgia Clean wrote:

From: Gordy Powell Georgia Clean
Subject: Blog
Date: Wednesday, October 26, 2011, 10:06 PM

I just have to say that I do not like where things are at between us. What blows my mind is your initial actions. The irony in all of this is that if you would have just ASKED me, I would have given you the domain, but rather than simply just calling me you create a blog and posting on the internet based on your own created defamation of my character. I could if I wanted to, open a libel & slander suit against you not only on the blog but the continued slanderous gossiping you are creating amongst our peers and colleagues. I guess I am more disappointed in your actions, or lack thereof more than anything, I thought we were friends, but I guessed wrong. tc, you have generated a lot of unnecessary damages.  I do not know whether you are going on bad advice, but you need to think with your gut.  Do you really think I had ill intentions on that domain?  If I did I would have acted on them a long time ago.  I know more about you and your past thank you think.  I keep my friends close and my competition even closer.  I could create a lot of ripples based on truth and not fiction as in your blog, but I choose to take the higher road.  Yet thee without sin cast the first stone.  I know better than to cast the first one, but watch out for all the others.

I do not know whether you have seen the domain as of late, but I decided to react on the level that you seem to best understand. If I see any other defamation of my character in writing, verbally or if I am called by anyone else after you speaking to them, I have no problem ranking that domain and taking any actions, any and ALL that are deemed necessary.

I wish you well
G.T. Powell

Gordy Powell


I have a couple of questions for Mr Gordy Powell. First of all he says we were friends. I too thought we were friends, but would a friend buy another friend’s name as a website and then use it to advertise a business in direct competition with his friend?

Second, Mr. Gordon Powell claims I defamed his character in my last blog. I only reported the facts and questioned his motives. Here is a link to the previous blog. Gordy Powell Of Atlanta Buys Competitors Personal Name We will let the readers be the judge.

Thirdly, Mr. Powell goes on to write; “I know more about you and your past thank you think.  I keep my friends close and my competition even closer. “ Mr. Powell has never been to my office. He does not know my extensive education, certifications, trainings or continuing education. He does not know how my business is equipped. As for my past: We all have history. We all learn and grow to become a better person. I hope that Mr. Powell will learn from this mistake.

Then Mr Gordon Powell asks “Do you really think I had ill intentions on that domain?” Well let’s see, Mr Gordy Powell purchased my personal name as a website and then advertised his business on that website in direct competition with me. I believe his actions speak for themselves.

In conclusion of his email, Mr Gordon Powell says “If I see any other defamation of my character in writing, verbally or if I am called by anyone else after you speaking to them, I have no problem ranking that domain and taking any actions, any and ALL that are deemed necessary.” Sure sounds like a threat to me.

I do not know why Mr Gordy Powell can not understand that buying a competitors personal name (much less a friend’s personal name) as a website and then using it to advertise his business is dishonest, but I know every single person I have discussed this with sees it as I do.

Mr Gordon Powell says in the above email “I would have given you the domain…” If Mr Gordy Powell really wanted to do the right thing, I believe he would have given me the domain by now.

What do you think? I would love to hear your comments.

TC Griffin


<p>Bio-Hazard Services Inc (Wed, 04 Jan 2012 09:16:57 -0500): Some people... | Scott Bogulski (Tue, 28 Feb 2012 19:38:00 -0500): He owns my name as well, then he &quot;planted&quot; someone under a false name to access my private personal facebook page and then took crime scene pictures to the media. He seems to enjoy these tactics. He owns another atlanta area crime scene cleaners page as well,,, | Ryan Estes (Thu, 24 Jan 2013 17:11:58 -0500): I'm thinking of starting my on company myself in the near future, if I do I will be sure to cover my butt and will not let this happen to me. He is such a tool to do that. Just Saying. I guess he cant take the heat of competition. I feel that just part of any biz out there. Pretty low tactics on his part and very unprofessional.</p>

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