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Crime And Trauma Scene Clean Up And Blood Removal

Crime And Trauma Scene Clean Up Blood Removal GeorgiaDeath is a traumatic experience, regardless of the circumstances. From suicide to homicide Bio-Hazard Services Inc prides itself in how we handle tragedy and the most unusual circumstances. While the emotional toll caused by these events is often traumatizing, there are physical details that must be dealt with professionally and quickly. Clean up of a crime scene involves a type of biohazard cleanup where blood, body fluids, chemicals, mold, bacteria or other hazardous substances which may be harmful to people are present. The presence of these hazardous substances requires specialized equipment and skills to safely and successfully clean up the scene. There are many different crime scenes that fall under the category of crime scene cleanup. They includes suicide clean up, murder clean up, meth lab clean up, unattended death clean up, blood cleanup and the cleaning of finger printing dust.

Suicide Clean Up

Georgia Blood Removal Crime And Trauma Scene Clean UpSuicide clean up will involve the cleaning and removing of blood and body fluids. Both of these items are considered biohazards by the federal and many state governments. These hazardous materials should be dealt with by professionals. In these tragic situations the family is often surprised, grief stricken and confused. They are dealing with the confusion about why their loved one chose to take their own life and their surprise and shock at what has happened. After the paramedics and police leave the scene, they have to deal with the aftermath of this terrible event. The blood and bodily fluid clean up is bad enough to deal with, but to know that it comes from your loved one is just too difficult. We specialize in this type of crime scene and suicide cleanup and we understand the family’s grief. We have worked with families in this situation before and we will be understanding, compassionate and discrete. Not only are we be able to handle any and all bio-hazardous materials, but we will remove all evidence of this horrific event so your family will not have to deal with it. We can also assist you in determining whether your situation is covered under your insurance and help you in dealing with the insurance companies.

Homicide Clean Up

Crime And Trauma Scene Clean UpGeorgiaA murder taking place in your home or place of business is particularly terrible because not only is there a loss of life, but there is the violation of your home. Homicide clean up involves many of the same elements of suicide clean up including the cleaning and removing of blood and body fluids, as well as clean up of the mess left from the police investigation such as finger print dust. Many people find this very unsettling to clean up. There are also safety issues involved that require a professional service with specific training to handle these types of bio-hazardous cleanup. Our technicians possess the experience, background, and training to safely clean up the crime scene and dispose of the refuse associated with the clean up, as well as those items that can not be salvaged. We will handle your Homicide clean up needs in an efficient, effective and discreet manner.

 Unattended / Accidental Death Clean Up

Blood Removal GeorgiaUnattended / Accidental death clean up is when a person passes away and usually the body is not found for a period of days to weeks. The discovery of the body is a shock to the family. The necessity of cleaning the premises can be overwhelming. Unattended / Accidental Death clean up involves many of the same elements of suicide clean up and homicide clean up including the cleaning and removing of blood and body fluids. However because the body is not found for days or weeks, the biohazard contamination can be severe. We have experience, background, and training to safely and properly clean up the scene, deal with decomposition clean up, and handle the cleanup of bodily fluids which may have contaminated rugs, bed sheets, mattresses, floors, and other items. We will handle everything that needs to be considered to ensure the property is safe after the unattended death clean up is completed. Unattended death cleanup is often covered by insurance. We will help you in dealing with your insurance company.